Eric Tong
Eric Tong

What was your background prior to joining the HKU MBA programme?
I am a corporate solution development leader with over ten years of experience in the information system technology industry across multinationals, banking, and government sectors. I completed my master’s degree in information system management at the University of Greenwich before joining the University of Hong Kong’s MBA programme.

Why did you choose HKU MBA?
I decided to join the HKU MBA programme to help expand my management skills and knowledge of business strategy to reach the next stage of my career. I chose the programme at HKU as it has held the number one ranking in Asia for nine consecutive years (The Economist – Full Time MBA Ranking 2010-2018). Hong Kong is an international business hub with spectacular economic growth so studying at HKU is a way to pursue a management career within the international markets.

What are your expectations of studying for an MBA?
The HKU MBA is a well-structured programme with professional, theoretical, and academic elements which attracts the top performers from different industries across Asia. The course allows me to understand the business thinking and strategy of people from different industries and backgrounds.

How is your experience so far?
I have learnt new professional skills while updating old ones during my studies. The course has taught me the management mindset which allows me to apply the theories, strategies, methodologies, and insights I have learnt in the classroom to the real world. The MBA has exceeded my expectations and my experience has so far been great!
I have been enjoying the MBA journey and the opportunity to work with classmates from different professions. The course has exceeded my expectations. It offers holistic knowledge in various classes including business ethics, business data analysis, high performance team, accounting, corporate finance, marketing strategy and fintech business.
HKU is the most prestigious and reputable university in Asia. The programme has strong rankings and a great reputation amongst the senior management of listed companies, multinational corporations, and financial institutions.