Eric Leung
Eric Leung

A persistent team player with diverse work experience and ambition to make the world a happier place.

Having studied in Hong Kong until grade nine, I had the opportunity to travel to America to further my studies. I completed my high school education in Boston and was very fortunate to be accepted by Columbia University in New York City for my undergraduate studies, where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

After I graduated from Columbia University, I joined EY as a Technology Consultant. During my time at EY, I not only had to utilise my programming skills, but also my soft skills because consulting was truly about understanding my clients’ needs and working with my team to provide the best solutions. I then joined Ivy Labs Education in Beijing as an Education Consultant, where I further honed my communication and leadership skills through providing consultations to different families with diverse backgrounds and values, and organising forums throughout major cities in China. Even though I enjoyed what I was doing, I wanted to become a better leader, especially in management. Therefore, I decided to pursue an MBA degree.

I joined HKU MBA because I believe that this programme is the portal to propelling my career to the next stage, and for three main reasons. First, HKU’s wide network can connect me to more opportunities in Hong Kong. Second, the HKU Career Office’s professionalism will also aid me to fully use these resources. Finally, I will also have the opportunity to take classes at LBS, which will definitely be an invaluable experience for me.


Current Status

Employer: BNP Paribas
Position:   Microservice Engineer
Location:  Hong Kong