David Kim
David Kim

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Yonsei University, South Korea, I began my career at LSIS Co., Ltd, which is a local electricity manufacturing company. There, I gained three years of work experience in the accounting and business planning team. During this time, I acquired knowledge in how to manage the business, and how to make and use money.

I chose an MBA to change my career from the manufacturing industry to the finance industry. Above all, I wanted to realise my potential in the city of Hong Kong. HKU MBA was the best option for me because it is located in Hong Kong, Asia’s leading financial center, not to mention that it is the No.1 Asian MBA programme.

So far my HKU MBA life has been truly fantastic and given me lots of positive stimulation. I have been especially impressed by the high quality lectures from excellent professors, and wonderful classmates. Furthermore, Career Development Office staffs have been more than helpful in providing me with numerous opportunities to participate in career events and have interviews. I think the existence of CDO definitely increases the chances of MBA classmates getting a high quality job.

I am certain that the MBA experience is enabling me to develop the ability to see problems from various perspectives. Also, it has allowed me to work well in a global environment by studying with classmates of various backgrounds.

I’m honoured to be a member of HKU MBA and believe that this experience will certainly be a cause of making my life more subjective and realising my dreams.