Belinda Lo
Belinda Lo

What was your background prior to joining the HKU MBA Programme?
I have been an embryologist at the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital (HKSH) for the past four years. I was awarded the Clarendon Scholarship to study and finish my PhD in obstetrics and gynaecology at the University of Oxford and my PhD involved developing novel methods to grow eggs in artificial ovaries. I have had my research published in peer-reviewed journals with my work being the most viewed research paper in 2019 in the journal Reproduction.

Why did you choose HKU MBA?
I chose the HKU MBA Programme because the professional experience aligns with my belief that a part-time MBA can provide me with the knowledge and experience to develop from a technical specialist into a consummate professional, capable of managing cross-functional disciplines and operating at the heart of the decision-making process. HKU’s brand and alumni network was also an attraction, and I felt its extensive electives catalogue would help me greatly to further my growth as a biomedical professional in the modern healthcare industry.

What are your expectations of studying for an MBA?
As a biomedical science specialist, the MBA will be invaluable in expanding my network in the region’s dynamic and rapidly evolving business environment, as well as developing crucial knowledge domains in business. My goal after the MBA is to combine the knowledge and network gained from the Programme with my scientific expertise to help organisations enhance their business strategies to provide better healthcare services for societies in the Greater Bay Area.

How is your experience so far?
The unique weekday-weekend mode offered by the Part-time Programme integrates well with my clinical work schedule and responsibilities. I was extremely fortunate to have in-class teaching for a period prior to lockdown and have enjoyed discussions and socialising with my peers and professors in person.