Baba Kazuhito
Baba Kazuhito

What was your background prior to joining the HKU MBA programme?
I’ve been working for a Japanese trading and investing company since 2012 where I mainly handle processed food imports and distribution across Japan. I was fortunate to earn an appointment to work for an affiliate company in Hong Kong and moved here in 2019. I’m still very excited about working in Hong Kong as I find it fascinating and challenging to operate and manage my company as the managing director.

Why did you choose HKU MBA?
I chose the MBA programme at HKU because I noticed that I had a lack of knowledge and ability when it came to managing my company. I wanted to learn about the wider picture of business management. Some of my friends recommended HKU MBA as an interesting programme, and I discovered that I could join part-time.

What are your expectations of studying for an MBA?
I have three expectations for the MBA programme. The first one is to truly understand how businesses operate. I would like to use the knowledge and techniques learnt on the course in real-life business situations. My second expectation is to learn about world-class Asian businesses through case studies, and the third is to build a network and to become familiar with an array of international businesspeople through the MBA programme.

How is your experience so far?
My experience so far has taught me a lot of financial knowledge which I have been able to use to strengthen my company. My classmates, professors and teaching assistants are very talented, and are helping me to look forward to a brighter future.