Anurag Goyal
Anurag Goyal

I come from a service class family and investment in education is always a priority.

I did  my undergraduate degree  in Information Technology at  Guru Gobind Singh University in Delhi, India.  After that, I started my professional career in the  development of mobile applications for Samsung and a start-up. I have also worked for The Times of India Digital, developing web pages for various events, the Indian Elections being one of the highlights.

With good technical know-how, experience of a start-up environment in mobile marketing and a ubiquitous media approach, I believe this is the right time for me to step up and explore product and business development. All businesses are going digital and IT has become a big part of knowledge transfer and revenue generation.

HKU MBA is a hard thought out decision. With all its  major benefits clear to me, the one that suits me best  is  HKU’s history and hence, the network. I want this MBA to be a career accelerator and geography changer. Hong Kong is a big global centre for China, India and the world. Also, the HKU and LBS MBA programmes present an interesting mix of core and elective courses on this new learning, which I am eager to experience.

MBAs in Asia, and I guess in the world, are largely about networking. And it has started so, with the China Immersion Programme and a new MBA class in Beijing trying  to figure out a new country, a new people, and a new course. It has been the best time to start your conversations, to make your  mistakes, to improve and to join up again in a month’s time. So, as the course commences in Hong Kong, you already know the cohort and feel comfortable in this uncomfortable but exciting zone.

The biggest learning from the MBA so far has been to acknowledge that can I be useful to you and I hope that, with this insight, I may have added some value to your visions.

Current Status

Employer: HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management
Position:   Junior Tag Analyst
Location:  Hong Kong