Amar Pandey
Amar Pandey

After growing up in Chhattisgarh, India, I attended CSVTU-India where I graduated with a degree in Electronics & Telecommunication. Today, I work for JP Morgan Chase as APAC Data Quality Head. I would describe myself as dynamic and professional, with a charismatic and energetic personality – something which I believe has helped me get to where I am today.

One of my proudest achievements to date is being selected as the school captain at my high school. In this role, I was responsible for leading and motivating my classmates, and I was able to guide our school to a successful year. This experience taught me valuable leadership skills, such as how to effectively communicate and delegate tasks, how to build and maintain relationships with my peers, and how to handle conflicts and challenges. These skills have been invaluable in my professional career, in which I have led teams and projects to successful outcomes. I plan to continue using these skills in my MBA journey as I take on new challenges and responsibilities.

The importance of teamwork was also emphasised during my time as school captain, and I have carried this lesson with me as I have worked with colleagues and clients in various settings. Overall, my experience as school captain has played a significant role in shaping my leadership abilities and approach to teamwork, and I am confident that these skills will serve me well in the future.

I have always been driven to not just succeed in my career, but to have a positive impact. I feel like an MBA will give me the tools and resources I need to do that. I am particularly interested in the leadership and strategic management courses that are offered in most MBA programmes, as I believe these will be valuable in helping me to achieve my long-term career goals. I am also excited about the opportunity to learn from experienced professors and network with other professionals from diverse backgrounds.

As for my expectations when it comes to my MBA journey at HKU, I expect to gain a solid foundation in business concepts and theories and learn how to apply them to real-world situations. I also hope to develop my leadership skills and learn how to effectively manage and motivate teams. I’m particularly excited about the strategic management courses, as I believe these will help me achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a business mastermind (or at least a slightly more competent version of myself). I also hope to gain exposure to a diverse range of industries and perspectives, as I believe this will broaden my horizons and help me think outside the box. Finally, I hope to build a strong network of professionals who can provide support and guidance as I navigate my career – or at least provide a good excuse to go out for drinks and talk shop! Overall, I hope that an MBA will equip me with the skills and knowledge I need to succeed in the business world and make a positive impact (or at least impress my friends at cocktail parties). And I know the HKU MBA programme will definitely help me achieve all of this.