Allen Kan
Allen Kan

Before joining the HKU MBA programme, I earned a bachelor degree in 2008 and then a master degree in 2012, majoring in computing studies – information systems and information systems management, respectively.

Technologies have become an essential part of our lives and I believe that the knowhow in utilising technologies to add value to businesses will be the key to success. Given that, I have been working in various IT roles in different MNC retail companies since I graduated from the university.

In 2012, I joined Carter’s – the largest branded marketer in North America of apparel and related products exclusively for babies and young children, and participated in setting up the buying office in Hong Kong. Fast forward to today, I am leading the IT Supply Chain Asia team in Hong Kong and reporting directly to the US headquarters.

In order to expand my business knowledge and management skills, and to prepare myself for the next level of my career, I decided to join the HKU MBA programme. I chose HKU MBA as the programme is well structured and has attracted students from different sectors and industries, which allows me to expand my vision and to learn from different experts among us.

I have been enjoying my MBA journey and I believe that the programme is not only offering us a chance to learn from professors, but also opportunities to meet with different professionals through projects in different courses and networking events organised by the MBA office.

My HKU MBA experience has exceeded my original expectation and I am confident that I am fully equipped for my future career.