Alice Yoon
Alice Yoon

Prior to joining the HKU MBA programme, I worked in the telecoms and media industries as a product and project manager. My work gave me the opportunity to witness the fast-growing expansion of mobile connectivity and to see how it was changing the daily lives of people in Korea. The unstoppable technological trends in the telecoms world make for a complex and challenging environment. Working within it encouraged me to dream of creating and incubating new business opportunities to inspire people the world over.

To gain an in-depth understanding of business currents and an international perspective, I chose the HKU MBA programme. I had three reasons for doing so. First of all, it provides a personalised programme to students with specific talents and experiences. In addition, the relatively small class size affords a wide range of opportunities to interact intensively with career development experts. Second, I was attracted by the HKU MBA’s fast progression within a relatively short period of time, believing it to be indicative of a highly constructive and innovative programme. I have already finished the China-immersion programme in Beijing and have begun taking Asia-focused core and elective courses in Hong Kong. The partnership programme at the London Business School will start next March. Third and finally, Hong Kong has a competitive advantage in attracting businesses from all over the world. In this dynamic and multinational city, I would like to take on more responsibility in the Asian market in the near future. My MBA journey has just begun, but the most honest and impressive advice I have received from the HKU programme is to ‘make your own MBA’. I believe that I can create my own unique MBA story here in Hong Kong.

Current Status

Employer: Huawei Technologies
Position:   Managing Consultant
Location:  Hong Kong