Akshay Rao
Akshay Rao

I completed my undergraduate degree in business administration with a major in corporate management and then went on to work with PwC India as part of their Risk Advisory Division. My experience with PwC led me to work on a variety of clients in diverse industries and locations both domestic and international. After working with PwC for a period of about 3 years, I moved to a supply chain firm , Schedulers Logistics India, because of my keen interest in supply chain and with a motive to expand my understanding  of how businesses function from the perspective of a business stakeholder as opposed to that of a consultant.

The reason why I chose to attend a school in Hong Kong was because I firmly believe that just being in a strategic location automatically opens doors to many opportunities and Hong Kong is a gateway for Asia to the world and vice versa. The sheer pace and vibrant atmosphere of the place left no doubt in my mind that Hong Kong would be the best fit for someone my age and with my ambitions. HKU is one of the premiere universities in Asia and its flagship MBA programme, although young, has excellent credentials both in Asia and the world.

With a rich university heritage and the hot pot of other factors such as an international class pool, small class size, experienced faculty, excellent career services and, most importantly, the alumni network and their MBA experiences, the decision to join the HKU MBA was a no brainer.

The China Immersion Programme is a unique feature of this programme and it served a twofold benefit. It not only helped us learn in depth about the Chinese culture and Mandarin language in  Beijing, it also gave us an opportunity to know my classmates better. It helped us bond as a unit and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses so that during the actual programme, we could help each other out in achieving individual goals.

The workshops / career sessions were conducted by very experienced people in the industry and the recommendations given to students were very practical and effective.

All I can say is that I am very excited to be a part of this elite unit of students and this prestigious university and look forward to the HKU MBA experience.

Current Status

Employer: Tom Tailor Sourcing Limited
Position:   Project Coordinator (Global Sourcing Projects & Strategy)
Location:  Hong Kong