Akshay Chhabra
Akshay Chhabra

I did my Engineering at the prestigious National Power Training Institute in New Delhi, India. My first job was with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Government of India as a project engineer where I was reporting to the Secretary of BEE and assisting her in managing the international cooperation portfolio on energy efficiency, and several energy efficiency and DSM tasks in India. Some of the key programmes were Indo German Energy Forum, Indo US Energy Programme, Japan High Level Energy Dialogue and IEA Energy Technology Prospective. After 17 months working there, I joined the Advisory Services of Ernst & Young and provided consulting in energy solutions to international financing institutions, government agencies in Asia and the Middle East, and other large corporate houses in India.

In the present, fast paced, dynamic business scenario, MBA provides a stepping stone for professionals to handle complex business issues. During my consulting stint, I found that every project had a unique problem and that there were many solutions to that problem. However to come up with the best solutions, one needs to have the right knowledge, skills, and experience, which I aim to get during my MBA course.

The University of Hong Kong is a vibrant place to gain business knowledge in class and during interaction with professionals in the city. I always wanted to have international experience and Asia is the emerging region. Within it, Hong Kong is the best melting pot for all the different Asian and international business settings. The University of Hong Kong is one of the most prestigious universities in Asia and I believe it is going to be for me a launching pad to leadership roles in MNCs in India.

HKU MBA has provided a unique platform for interaction with professionals coming from a wide range of sectors from around the world. The classrooms are vibrant, students are experienced in their sector, the whole approach is fast track, and that is exciting to me.

Current Status

Employer: CPA Global
Position:   Senior Manager
Location:  Noida Area, India