Ahsan Mohamed
Ahsan Mohamed

I was born and raised in Bangalore, India. After obtaining an undergraduate degree in business management with a specialism in finance from Christ University in Bangalore, I joined Goldman Sachs, where I worked in investment banking and brokerage business verticals in both India and Singapore. Working in the fast-paced investment banking environment of these two countries provided a great learning experience that helped me to build a strong foundation for a career within this industry.

After four years with Goldman Sachs, I decided it was time for a new challenge. I co-founded a property development company in Bangalore that completed its first project before I left for Beijing. This new role helped me to grow both personally and professionally. I was responsible for acquiring project financing and for long-term business forecasting. Also, being part of a small enterprise exposed me to all aspects of starting a business, which truly helped to make me a more well-rounded and adept business professional.

I first visited Hong Kong in 2012, and I immediately loved the energy and ‘buzz’ of the place. The city is a great mix of cultures with a vibrant city life and numerous recreational options for those more inclined towards outdoor activities.

I decided to pursue an MBA to further enhance my career in the investment banking industry and to broaden my understanding of the business world. After having worked in various industries and countries with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and cultures, an international MBA was an easy decision.

I chose the HKU MBA programme because of the multitude of electives it provides and because it gives me the opportunity to study in three locations – Beijing, Hong Kong and London – a great way to gain insights into how business is conducted in different parts of the globe. The opportunity to live in Beijing and immerse myself in Chinese culture while studying Mandarin was too good to resist.

The month that I spent in Beijing was a great ice-breaker for the MBA programme and also a fantastic way to meet my future classmates. We bonded over bāozi (Chinese stuffed steamed buns) in broken Mandarin and celebrated (repeatedly) the beginning of our MBA journey.

Classes in Hong Kong started two weeks ago, and the benefits of studying in a diverse class are already being felt, with different individuals expressing a variety of opinions on assignments or theories taught in class. I have already learned a lot in these two weeks, and I look forward to the remainder of my time at HKU.

Employer:      Capco
Position:        Principal Consultant
Location:       Singapore