Adam Wang
Adam Wang

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am Adam WANG. I was born, grew up and studied in Mainland China. I am the head of cybersecurity for a multinational retail company.

What are the reasons for choosing HKU MBA while there are other available options of MBAs in Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area?

The main reason would be the international business visibility provided by the HKU business school and also the lectures are more relevant to Asia’s markets which is absolutely under

my working scope.

I was thinking of enrolling in the HKU MBA programme from the first day I relocated to Hong Kong. The rational was the reputation of HKU as one of the top tier universities in the

world. The University has very good global rankings as well as a strong academic reputation.

Why did you decide to do part-time MBA weekend mode instead of full-time?

A part-time MBA is much easier for me considering my work and my family commitments. It is the best option for me to balance the opportunity cost. (By the way, opportunity cost is a new term I learned through the MBA lectures).

How has the HKU MBA programme developed your leadership skills? In what ways can you apply what you learned from the course to your life and professional career?

I have been in a management role for over ten years, so I have to say that the MBA programme totally changed my way of thinking. I now consider my role from a business, brand and marketing perspective, as well as from a technology point of view. It has had an absolutely positive impact on me furthering my entrepreneurship.

I could name a lot of useful courses which we have learned so far like accounting, managerial economics and corporate finance. I found these courses are extremely useful for not only for exams but also for real life; for example, a recent lecture taught me how to write Python for use in data analytics.

Where do you hope the MBA will take you?

I hope I could learn how to start and grow a business if I wanted to start my own company.

I believe the MBA professors, with their real-life experiences, are able to warn me of the major traps I need to avoid and what I should do to make sure the company grows and remains stable over time.

What advice would you offer to fellow MBA aspirants who are interested in studying with HKU MBA?

Life is short so it’s better to decide right away rather than overthinking the matter. If you want to have the international business visibilities and mindset to know more about the Asia markets then HKU MBA is the right choice.

Did you find HKU MBA supportive during Covid-19? Did you find the hybrid mode useful?

Yes, the class appreciated the arrangements made by the MBA office during the pandemic to ensure the continuity of teaching, and the hybrid mode is very helpfully especially for

those students who are subject to travel or relocations. I think the hybrid mode will become the new normal in the near future.