Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta

My choice of the HKU MBA was based on two key factors: its Asia focus and London Business School (LBS)/Columbia Business School (CBS) partnership. Just four months after completing the programme and returning to the corporate world, I can easily say that choosing this programme proved to be a good decision.

After completing my undergraduate studies in chemical engineering at the Institute of Technology (BHU) in India, I embarked upon a professional career with Grail Research, which was founded by the Monitor Group in 2006. Grail, a custom research and business consulting firm, provided me with the opportunity to work and acquaint myself with a wide range of industries across global markets. This experience helped me to develop a strong interest in and inclination towards the management consulting field.

I opted for the HKU MBA programme to augment my knowledge and skills and gain networking opportunities in a global classroom. The programme provided me with countless opportunities to work with my multicultural classmates in both business and casual environments; to try my hand at learning Mandarin, probably the toughest language in the world; to understand business subjects outside my sphere of knowledge; and, most importantly, to gain first-hand experience of the tricks of the trade of doing business in China. The Career Development Office helped to broaden my horizons and provide access to the Hong Kong business culture through training programmes and business talks by key executives from various industries.

The LBS experience was definitely the programme highlight for meā€”just one term as an exchange student provided access to a wide and strong community, which has been extremely helpful and supportive inside and outside the classroom, including in terms of job applications and interview preparation.

The HKU MBA has truly transformed me. I am now a well-equipped professional and a better person, and am excited about applying my business school learning in the world of work.

I am currently working among one of the largest shipbroking companies globally taking on the role as a Lead Analyst. My role is to advise Australian mining companies and international shipowners on global and national commercial shipping developments.