Faculty Member

Dr. Marcus Schuetz

Job Title

Adjunct Associate Professor
Former Head of Corporate Strategy, Volkswagen Group China

Dr Marcus Schuetz has over 25 years of industry experience in construction, mining, automotive and high-tech. He is General Manager at Swissforecast GmbH, is a board member of various companies and enjoys splitting time between industry and academia. He previously worked at Volkswagen Group, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Bosch and Wardell Armstrong.

From 2007 he held multiple academic positions as Executive in Residence at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Adjunct Professor at The University of Hong Kong and Honorary Adjunct Professor at HKUST. He also served as Assistant Dean for the EMBA Global Asia Programme in collaboration with London Business School and Columbia University and as Academic Director for the Mannheim-Tongji EMBA in Shanghai. He was also APS Chair for Operations Strategy at the University of Malta and is a lecturer at Tilburg University.

Dr Schuetz holds a PhD in Geosciences from Essen University and worked in the mining industry on projects during the collapse of the Soviet Union and in Africa. His Alma Mater is the University of Cologne. He served in the German Armed Forces, operating MGM-52 rockets.

In 2014 he a photography solo exhibition, “China’s Empty Quarters,” in 42 Fangjia Hutong, Xichen District, Beijing.

Dr Schuetz has travelled all seven continents and is a lifetime fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. He does not play golf, has no iPhone and never goes to the gym.

For more bio-information, please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcus-schuetz/ or www.marcusschuetz.com/about-me on the personal blog.