From my mentor, I learned how a real estate asset can be combined with financial instruments for trading on the stock exchange, how to effectively utilize my work experience and existing advantages to strengthen my skill, and ultimately strategize the job hunt process
Saurabh Shashank (Mentee)



Job Title

Pre-MBA Industry: Product & Technology

Mentor: Ms. Jacqueline Chong, Digital Innovation Lead, Amazon Web Services

It was a delight to connect with Jacqueline through the Mentorship Programme at HKU MBA. The astute pairing by the Career and Development Team at HKU was commendable. My expertise lies predominantly in the technology facets of the airline and e-commerce industries, and interestingly, Jacqueline holds the position of Digital Innovation Lead at AWS. This common ground facilitated engaging conversations. Jacqueline’s profound knowledge and insights into Product Management and other strategic and leadership roles in the tech industry significantly broadened my perspective. Our enlightening discussions on hot topics such as Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability, and their future trajectories, were particularly stimulating. The interaction with Jacqueline has been a pivotal experience in my MBA journey, profoundly influencing both my career trajectory and personal evolution.