My mentor embodies passion and provides invaluable insights. His support connected me with an ideal opportunity. He emphasizes networking's role in enhancing career prospects and enriching cultural perspectives.
Miho Koga (Mentee)



Job Title

Pre-MBA Industry: Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Mentor: Mr. Frank Wong, President, Asia at Scholastic

My mentor, Frank Wong, is an incredible mentor who brings the essence of passion to his work. When seeking advice, he provides clear insights and perspectives based on his vast knowledge of various industries. His willingness to assist me is amazing, always going above and beyond to provide support and assistance. For instance, he connected me with one of the educational institutes which is the industry I am looking for post-MBA. With his diverse insights and experiences, Frank is truly a remarkable guide in my professional journey. Frank has advised me that networking plays a vital role in enhancing my career prospects, especially for international students like me. By actively expanding my professional connections, doors will be open to numerous opportunities, such as internships and job offers. Moreover, networking allows me to develop valuable relationships with individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries, enriching my cultural perspective.