My mentor, Harjeet, his experience and perspective really allowed him to share many things that were not visible from my perspective
Brad Jones (Mentee)



Job Title

Current job role: Managing Director, Jones Wellness, Seattle, U.S.A.

I was very interested in teaming up with a mentor as part of the MBA Programme at HKU. While classes can impart knowledge, and networking will grow your contact list, there is something much more intimate in allowing another person help you make changes to your personal story, tweak your résumé, and push you in a more personal way. All this is done with mutual respect and the goal of helping you achieve not just a better career role, but a better life.

I was very lucky to be paired up in my mentorship with Harjeet. We immediately fell into fast conversation on our first meeting as I laid out some of the struggles I was having in my job search and job discovery process. He had insightful input to help me get back on track. We both took a long-term view to mentorship, which I would suggest other students do by talking openly with their mentors about their expectations for the mentorship. Both Harjeet and I agreed to invest the time and energy to make the relationship productive. We set up a flexible recurring meeting. Sometimes in person, sometimes by phone. But we have kept the goals from meeting to meeting manageable. By doing this, I have seen real progress in my résumé, contacts and career opportunities.

I think one of the best things Harjeet and I did, was to explicitly say the mentorship was not about him recruiting for me. He has introduced me to several people who agreed to talk with me, but I could never have done this without the understanding that this was just about gaining more wisdom and insight from an even larger range of people. If one of the people I met with wanted to reach out to me or give my info to someone, that was a bonus, not the goal. I think part of the reason this happened is that Harjeet and I are not exactly alike in our careers. While it seems like it would be great to have a mentor who is exactly where you want to be, in hindsight, I think it has been even better to have someone mentoring me who is slightly removed from where I am trying to get to. The insights have been even better!

Harjeet’s experience and perspective really allowed him to share many things that were not visible to from my perspective. I foresee a continuing bond with Harjeet as I move forward in my career, continuing to rely on his wisdom and knowledge, regardless of if we ever cross paths on a project or internally at an organization. I would highly recommend all MBA students to seek out a good mentor. The benefits are immediate and last a lifetime.