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How HKU’s Career Development & Training Team Delivers Student Success

At Hong Kong University Business School, the Career Development & Training Team uniquely blends industry insights and personal advice to nurture students’ career aspirations.

Student Career Development at HKU

Career success is cultivated over time through experience and sound advice.

At HKU Business School, MBA students evolve into innovative business leaders. They establish professional growth with the help of their faculty, peers, and the HKU MBA Career Development & Training (CDT) Team.

Composed of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in career coaching and employer engagement, the team is dedicated to helping students realize their unique career visions.

Committed to excellence, the CDT fosters a nurturing and supportive environment. They guide students to acquire the tools and seize the opportunities to carve out their paths to success.

Now that we’ve explored how the Career Development & Training Team lays the foundation for professional growth let’s delve into stories of students who have benefitted from its support.

HKU Student Success Stories

The CDT at HKU is not just a career service; it’s a partnership. A special touch is that each MBA student is paired with a career manager specialized for specific trajectories. The managers provide tailored advice throughout the program to get students the career they want.

Madeleine Chan and Alex Wei are two students who have greatly benefited from the support of the CDT. They share their experiences and the invaluable guidance they received during their MBA program.

Madeleine says, “The best career advice that I got from my career manager was to be passionate about what I want to do, enjoy doing it, and never stop learning.”

Similarly, Alex’s career trajectory took a significant turn following his engagement with the Career Development & Training Team. He says, “Before the MBA course, I only knew that I wanted to do something fancy or something that would make money. But now, I found out who I am, so that helped me to reshape my career path.”

Before joining the Hong Kong-based business school, Alex was a general manager and office manager. The transition to student life was made smoother by the encouragement from the CDT team, who instilled in him the importance of patience and confidence.

But the empowerment doesn’t stop there. The team equips students with essential professional skills and a robust network during and after the MBA program.

Building Professional Skills and Expanding Your Network

During the MBA program, the CDT organizes numerous events, including a career fair, company visits, and overseas business treks. Each experience helps students to interact with various companies and learn about the recruitment processes across different industries.

As an example, this year the HKU Full-time MBA students had an enriching experience visiting Tencent. The visit provided firsthand knowledge of Tencent’s latest technological advancements. HKU alumni now at Tencent shared invaluable insights, making the visit both educational and inspirational.

Madeleine values the proactive support from the CDT, which not only helps students identify opportunities with companies but also motivates them to initiate contact. Through both in-person and online interactions, the CDT bolsters students’ industry connections. They even offer premium LinkedIn services to further enhance students’ professional networks.

Reflecting on this, Madeleine remarks, “It’s actually a stepping stone for me to go into the business world.” (02:04)

Besides enabling students to network, the CDT recognizes having a robust mentorship network can significantly contribute to students’ growth. Mentors in the program come from diverse backgrounds, bringing with them a wealth of industrial knowledge and leadership experiences.

Alex notes, “They assigned each of us a mentor. During my talk with my mentor, I realized that I’m a numbers person and also a people person.”

His mentor encouraged him to carve his path, leveraging his unique skill set and network.

Alex says, “After he knew a lot about me, he suggested that I should not follow others’ paths and choose my own way.”

The Career Development & Training Team at HKU MBA prepares students well for the business world. Many even complete the “triple jump” of changing job location, industry, and function after their MBA.

A Clear Post-MBA Path

The Career Development & Training Team provides a comprehensive suite of career services. From career fairs and company visits to mentorship programs and networking opportunities, CDT serves as a support network for students as they navigate the competitive business landscape.

In Alex’s words, “My career path is much clearer than before. I’m very grateful for all the support I get from all of them. The MBA cohort is just like a big family, and I’m proud to be part of it.”