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4 Benefits of Getting an MBA in Hong Kong by QS Top MBA

When it comes to picking an MBA there have never been more choices, and choosing the best location for your studies is no easy decision. However, it is no surprise that Asia has become an increasingly popular region, and Hong Kong in particular—with its reputation as a global economic hub and its prime location at the heart of Asia—stands out as a city that more students than ever are choosing as their MBA study destination.

Top MBA caught up with a current student and two alumni from our full-time MBA programme to chat about the perks of studying and living in Hong Kong.

Thank you to Minakshi GhoshNikki Lim, and Sakshi Gulati for sharing your experience!

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Choosing a foreign destination for an MBA degree isn’t always easy. Every country, much like every city, has its pros and cons – especially in Asia, the world’s largest and most populated continent.

While the region has long been known for its varied culture and flair for innovation, it has recently become a highly popular location to do an MBA or a business master’s degree in – and Hong Kong, the area’s leading world hub for finance, logistics, e-commerce and trade – is no exception.

With easy access to mainland China and a fusion of Eastern and Western traditions, Hong Kong offers a plethora of benefits to candidates who decide to do an MBA there.

TopMBA caught up with a current student and two alumni from HKU Business School to find out all the perks of studying and living in this dynamic region.

Land top-tier internships

Hong Kong is one of the world’s top economic hubs, particularly for business and finance: it boasts the fourth-largest stock market across the globe – the Hong Kong Stock Exchange – , some of the region’s most successful corporations and even its own currency, the HK Dollar.

According to Sakshi, a graduate from HKU Business School, students can benefit from the region’s economic flair by gaining access to key business players across industries and maximizing their chances of landing sought-after work experience positions.

She said: “During my MBA, I got an opportunity to do two internships, Cryptoblk, a blockchain technology service provider, and Kering, a global luxury group. Having Big 4 consulting experience prior to MBA, I wanted to explore and learn more about blockchain industry, wherein HKU provided a great help.”

Sakshi says the university offered career-centered initiatives that allowed her to connect with top-tier companies, and eventually land the internships that would change the course of her career.

She said: “Through the internship-matching information session organized by the HKU career team, I got the opportunity to connect with Cryptoblk, and the fintech and blockchain courses at the school helped me understand more about the concepts theoretically. It was a combination of theoretical and practical experience, which led me to the journey of a lifetime.”

Nikki, another graduate from HKU Business School, echoes Sakshi’s sentiments.

She said: “I was successfully recruited into an international financial institution as an intern during the summer and received a return offer to be converted into full-time employment.

“I was able to achieve this target set at the beginning of my MBA journey, all thanks to applying the knowledge gained in the classroom and soft skills acquired through the various workshops conducted by the Career Development Team.”

Get access to new ways of business

Eastern regions are increasingly shaping the way business is done in the West – and what better place to be as a business student than Hong Kong?

Students and graduates from HKU Business School emphasize the importance of learning the cultural elements of Eastern businesses and job markets, something they had the opportunity to tackle throughout their MBA degree with courses such as Legal Environment in Asia, Global Marketing Management and Doing Business on the “New Silk Road”.

Minakshi, a current student at the university, said: “After working for 10 years in the industry, I felt that I needed a global exposure and also to understand in detail the current business dynamics.

“I think the kind of opportunities and unique case studies the Asian market provides are really exciting, and I look forward to building an understanding of it. Asia is the most important market in the globe right now, and being in HKU puts me in the center of it.”

Join a multicultural network

One of the greatest benefits of doing an MBA is the chance to connect with a cohort of talented, like-minded professionals. Not only can this lead to lifelong friendships, but also to potential future collaborations in the workplace.

As students and grads from HKU Business School say, doing an MBA in Hong Kong – a vibrant, multicultural area – is the perfect opportunity to meet people and form a valuable business network.

Nikki said: “Hong Kong has a diverse and inclusive professional community. Through the established connections of HKU and the wide alumni network, the program has organized various business events that have allowed the students to broaden the horizon of their professional journey.

“The demanding MBA program schedule was compensated by the collaborative environment and supportive classmates. Being constantly surrounded by highly motivated and driven classmates, I am reminded to strive to be the best version of myself as a teammate and with a strong desire to develop my skills continually, even after the MBA program has ended.”

Sakshi agrees.

She said: “The small class size provides extensive collaboration among classmates and a good mix of diverse profiles that HKU takes provides the best fit. The global vision at the university also provides excellent networking opportunities at other world-renowned schools, and business hubs is an important factor that aligns with my goal and understand global business in true means.

“The strong alumni network along with talented peers from diverse backgrounds helped me widen the networking circle and in turn have greater business and industry potential.”

Boost your career and earn a high salary

Salary potential plays a key role in choosing an MBA, and while having an MBA degree under your belt makes you attractive to employers, getting the right guidance and acquiring the right skills are crucial in maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

HKU Business School is a great example of how an MBA can help grads reach quite considerable salaries: in fact, the school was ranked first in the Asia-Pacific for a 10-year ROI and third for highest salaries (nearly reaching six figures) in the QS Return on Investment Report 2018.

But what makes Hong Kong such a great location for a high-paying post-grad career?

Students and graduates believe it’s a combination of skillset, school reputation and support.

Sakshi said: “HKU’s community, network, social impact and curriculum are one of a kind.

“My learning from courses at HKU, fintech, management consulting and unlimited class presentation and discussions has prepared me to become a confident orator and provided multiple opportunities to present business models in front of real-life investors.”

Nikki agrees.

She said: “Known as a top MBA program in the world ranking, and especially in Asia, the HKU MBA holds a prestigious reputation with a highly selective admission process, and I am aware that getting into the program enhances my professional exposure.”

This article was originally published in December 2020 . It was last updated in February 2021