Knowledge Exchange

Getting inspiration from the HKU MBA Alumni

Bhavya Siddappa (Class of 2022)

On the 31st of August, I decided to attend the HKU MBA Alumni panel discussion after work to hear from a group of panelists, from a variety of batches, as they look back on their MBA experience. It was valuable opportunity to hear about their journeys first-hand, as we learned about the different approaches, they took navigating the school and the individual courses. The amazing cast of alumni also shared advice with us regarding how to choose our electives, how to handle core subjects, what makes a good team player in an MBA setting, and what it takes to excel in projects. Throughout the session, I made many copious notes, and below is a snapshot of the key takeaways for me:

  1. Listen and learn from each other because each batch has a diverse group of skills and experiences
  2. Don’t try to fit in; be you; bring yourself to the table
  3. Challenge yourself
  4. Broaden your interests and engage with new subjects
  5. Commit to learning with a deliberate purpose, always have a goal
  6. Don’t be the smartest person in the room, be that person who leads the team and helps others to achieve
  7. Always have a growth mindset: keep learning and unlearning
  8. Be open to possibilities
  9. Be curious, have fun, work hard, and play hard
  10. If you are feeling anxious, take time out for your mental health
  11. Find your passion and do what you love.
  12. Never stop exploring

When asked, “what they would do differently if you were to do the MBA again?”, most expressed the importance of spending time getting to know their classmates personally as well as engaging with their professors much more.

It was a wonderful opportunity to spend the evening with the amazing alumni network, who are a fantastic resource to lean on, learn from, and make friends with. We were grateful for the insightful sharing session, and I left the room feeling motivated and inspired. They were a great example and I hope to be a similarly generous alumni after I graduate 🙂