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MBA 2022 Annual Gala Dinner Celebration

Belinda Lo, Eugene Lee, and Bhavya Siddappa (Class of 2023)

The HKU MBA Annual Dinner has become an HKU tradition and one of the biggest events of the MBA Journey. This year, the annual dinner was held on 13 Aug 2022 at Aberdeen Marina Club under the leadership of the Annual Dinner Committee.

With the theme “Secret Garden”, all guests all dressed up nicely and took pictures in the floral-decorated photo booth, which was enjoyed by everyone. The dinner itself was delicious, and was followed by interactive games and a lucky draw. Everyone had a great time mingling with one another and sharing laughter!

Today, we meet three Part-time MBA students who acted as MCs for the evening: Belinda Lo, Eugene Lee, and Bhavya Siddappa. With these remarkable MCs’ professional arrangement, the night was memorable and incredible.


HKU MBA: Thanks for your time MCs! Firstly, can you please introduce yourself?

Bhavya Siddappa: I am currently working as a PR expert at a leading global smart devices provider. I am passionate about consumer tech, storytelling and love empowering people.

Belinda Lo: I have a medical sciences background with a specialty in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Now, I am currently working in the Medical Affairs Department in a global pharmaceutical company.

Eugene Lee: I used to work as a pilot and then pivoted my career to become a Risk Management and Human Factors specialist at a government-owned public transport operator. Next month, I will once again transition my career back to the aviation industry in an Enterprise Risk Management field.


HKU MBA: I heard so much good feedback. It was such a fantastic event. What made you participate as an MC?

Eugene Lee: I would like to firstly say thank you to the organising committee, who certainly did most of the work and invited us to act as representatives of the event – which were extremely honoured and grateful to be a part of. We all understand the importance and tradition of this event and wanted to make the party memorable for all participants. For sure, this experience will be a good practice in taking part in extracurricular activities.


HKU MBA: As an MC, what was the most challenging part? Were there any hurdles during preparation?

Bhavya Siddappa: We received the event run down and were told the event flow by the committee. However, our assigned homework was to make it funnier and more engaging. The three of us met the morning of the event, at the venue, to discuss the agenda, share our ideas, and brainstorm how to bring people together It was a relatively easy rehearsal.

There were no real difficulties as such, but rather, a fun and creative activity to coordinate. We discussed what kind of jokes would relax the room, what types of questions we should ask, who would answer MBA experience questions, and so on. That way, we felt the answers would be genuine.

Instead of standing on the stage, we chose to stand near the tables to be closer to everyone. We aimed not to be too formal and serious, but instead drive the natural environment.


HKU MBA: As an MC and also a participant, how did you find the gala event?

Belinda Lo: The event was fantastic. We played multiple games, including beer drinking, which everyone really enjoyed. Everyone looked so glamorous. It was so nice to be able to interact with each other outside of the classroom and everyone looked so stunning and glamorous. This was the best part of the event! I personally put effort into my own dress and makeup, too.


HKU MBA: Do you think there is any room for improvement next year?

Bhavya Siddappa: Generally, I am very happy with what we delivered. One thing I would like to suggest is to invite more people onto the stage. There are so many talented people in the class that would love to share their talents, such as singing, dancing, storytelling, or playing a musical instrument. It would be great to invite them to the stage and let them shine. It would be great to award people a prize based on their performance, rather than a lucky draw.


HKU MBA: Besides the event, I want to hear about your MBA journey so far. How have you found it, Eugene?

Eugene Lee: The MBA programme has really helped boost my business acumen. I studied International Relations and Finance for my bachelor’s degree, and upon graduating, had a solid career in the aviation industry where I felt a little outside of a business mindset.

While I was considering a business school, one of my colleagues recommended the HKU MBA programme, in which I have since gained new business fundamentals, concepts, and learnings. I am very thankful to have been given so many team projects and presentation opportunities in a business context, as I didn’t get that chance when I was working as a pilot. In addition to this, I believe the MBA programme played an important role in attaining my managerial position, as this programme really brightens up my CV.


HKU MBA: How about you Belinda? Obviously, you’ve come from a very technical background.

Belinda Lo: Similar to Eugene, I have a very strong technical background, so there was a certain level of limitation to my business acumen. Coming from a medical research and clinical science background, I was fortunate to switch my position to a role in Medical Affairs to expose myself more to the business side of things. With this MBA degree, I am certain that my CV will be more attractive in the business world.


HKU MBA: Bhavya, you’ve really excelled in many different activities throughout your MBA journey. Do you have tips to share with the new cohort?

Bhavya Siddappa: Throughout my MBA experience, I have met so many amazing people who have inspired me in so many ways.

My top 3 tips to the new cohort: 1. Network and meet people. Go with a mindset that you want to learn and be inspired. Keep learning, and be open-minded.

I’m really passionate about ESG. Hence, and thanks to networking, I was able to meet people with similar mindsets. Together, we kick started the HKU-MBA ESG club last year. Once you are interested in any topic, don’t just talk about your passion, put it into action. You will always find people who will support your vision. Everything is possible with the strong growing HKU MBA community.


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