Part Time MBA

You Ri Choi

You Ri Choi
Class of 2020

I majored in Material Engineering in Yonsei University in South Korea. After 2 changes in my career (5 switches in job position), I got relocated to Hong Kong to continue my career in supply chain at a multinational retail company.

The more responsibility I got, the clearer it became that one of the key capabilities I had to develop was “connecting the dots across the business.” It required me to resist the temptation to get more knowledge in my area and instead meet the right people on the right platform to expand my horizons by understanding the real business world.

It is not a surprise to me that I chose HKU MBA. Along with its great reputation, the programme is very well structured and a great vehicle for meeting industry leaders, prestigious professors and outstanding peers. Exchanging ideas during the case study, having a heated discussion in the class and having a community to share the knowledge; all these activities have been pivotal in inspiring me and motivating me to move forward. And the network we have built together will continue to help us to navigate the business world for years to come.