Full-time MBA

Yixuan Tang

Yixuan Tang
Class of 2019
Mainland China

A passionate business leader with a master’s degree from the University of Sydney, I worked as a senior training director at New Oriental Education and Technology Group before joining HKU MBA. My story is typical of an international student; building on my cultural background of values from my oriental origin and the globalised world, using diligence and education as the means of getting ahead, and with a strong belief in dreams and service to others.

Although leading cross-functional groups including HR, marketing and operating teams to develop professional education services provided me with the opportunity to grow as a young business professional, I still recognised the importance of continuing to improve my theoretical and practical knowledge of business administration and  learning in a wider region’s dynamic business environment. Only in this way can I maximise my potential, and the distinguished HKU MBA programme is truly my best choice.

Joining HKU MBA means I have the opportunity to be engaged in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region, where the broader region’s dynamic and the ever-evolving business environment are truly attractive to global talents. The HKU MBA experience extends beyond the classroom lectures as the programme provides a wide range of extra-curricular activities to widen our skills and personal experience. I  feel the strong support and guidance I need from the MBA office and  the LBS and Columbia tracks offer us an expanded global vision which is critical to our future development.