Part Time MBA

Woody Chen

Woody Chen
Class of 2017
Hong Kong

In 2014, I was appointed as the person in charge of the establishment of the Hong Kong subsidiary of my company, General Resources Company Ltd., a mid-sized infrastructure engineering company from Taiwan.  Whilst it was an honour and privilege to be selected for such an important role, it was also an immense challenge as this would be my first experience as a head of a major subsidiary within our company’s group and required me to change from the role of project management to general management.

To better prepare myself for this transition, I sought out various methods for self-improvement and HKU’s part-time MBA was the best programme for me. Its modular learning schedule, strong teaching plan, and convenient campus locations are not only a perfect fit for my busy schedule, it also provides me with a single source for comprehensive learning in business management.  In addition, I’ve found the staff and my fellow classmates of the MBA programme to be of remarkable calibre and they really reflect the prestige of the HKU heritage and its value in promoting a positive and excellent learning environment.

Choosing the HKU MBA programme was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made for my career and I look forward to enjoying the remainder of the MBA experience with HKU.