Full-time MBA

Weilun Wang

Weilun Wang
Class of 2022

After graduating with a distinction in human resource management in Vancouver, I came back to China and joined a textiles company that has operations in manufacturing, weaving and dyeing. After gaining valuable business experience and knowledge from time spent working within purchasing, finance and business development, I decided to start up my own company that focuses on the international trade of fabric.

I decided to pursue an MBA at the University of Hong Kong after realising that in order to keep up with a fast-moving world, the traditional manufacturing industry needed to transform its production procedures and management style through modernisation and digitisation.  I was also looking for a programme which is designed for students who want to learn about the Asian business environment.

I am interested in most of the courses offered in this programme as I believe that they can lead me in the right direction to solving my current problem of improving management efficiency within the textile industry. This programme can also offer me ways to better manage and explore capital investment opportunities as well as giving me exposure to an alumni network that could prove resourceful.

The MBA journey has been very fulfilling so far and it has been a really joyful learning experience. Thanks to the orientation, small class size and group presentations, I have been able to get familiar with my classmates quickly. A variety of highly relatable real life case-studies have helped me to better understand academic concepts. I have also learned, and have been inspired by, my peers sharing their insights from their different industries, cultures and backgrounds. By taking advantage of company Infor sessions and career events provided by HKU’s Career Development & Training team, I have been able to explore more interests and can strengthen my networking for future career opportunities. I was impressed by the one-to-one mentorship programme and by the executive coaching which allows us to have more professional insights and suggestions. I look forward to seeking more opportunities and expectations during the rest of my MBA journey and I am confident that the programme will not disappoint me.