Full-time MBA

Tina Wang

Tina Wang
Class of 2022

My name is Tina Wang Yu Hsin and I was born and raised in Taiwan. Before joining the HKU MBA programme I had my undergraduate education in Las Vegas, studying hospitality management which is where my career started. I have worked in operations for multiple hotel chains in both America and Taiwan.

After my five years of experience in the industry, I found it necessary for me to further my skills and education because I wanted to take the step into marketing while continuing my career in the hospitality industry. This will help me to get closer to my dream of owning my own hospitality business.

Hong Kong is the place where West and East meet and the University of Hong Kong brings me closer to my goal. While an MBA wasn’t my first choice, as I originally applied for a master’s degree in marketing at HKU, I received great advice from the HKU MBA admissions team: “Your fellow MBA classmates all come from various backgrounds who may assist you more with their rich experiences”. This was proven to be true within three months of me starting my HKU MBA journey.

I was excited to accept the offer to join the MBA programme and am looking forward to transitioning my career without having to lose my previous experience. I believe an MBA will help me in many ways to reach my goal as industry insights are available to me more than ever. With an MBA, and my previous working experience, I am closer to achieving my dream.

The dream seems more realistic the more I speak about it with industry experts I meet through the programme and with my fellow classmates, who are not only supportive but also give me great advice. The programme has even allowed me to start a “Marketing Club” with a few of my classmates. What I love the most is “project M” in which we interview our classmates, inviting them to reflect on their past, evaluate their present, and describe their future, after which we publish the interviews online. I have learned so much from our classmates during this process.

The ongoing MBA journey provides me with a chance to practice my marketing and organisation skills that will help me to expand my career.