Full-time MBA

Sharon Wang

Sharon Wang
Class of 2021

Two years of work experience has offered me solid industry-specific knowledge in artificial intelligence and drilled my professional skills in project management. With an expanding market for artificial intelligence products and my thorough managing practice in this domain, I realised that it is urgent for me to view different products, companies, organizations, and industries from a more macroscopic and strategic perspective. Not only do we need to work hard, but we also need to look at the big picture. Together with operation management, strategic management, and leadership, I could break the limits of thinking and broaden my horizons at HKU. Besides, the HKU MBA programme is a course with world-wide vision, strategy and diversity, which will propel my career to a new height.

People from a wide range of industries are exploring the possibilities of artificial intelligence as an emerging field of research that can energise other domains. What can we do with AI in not only the traditional security industry, but also nowadays in the smart city domain with the techniques of deep learning and image recognition? Are there any other business opportunities? These are questions worth exploring. HKU MBA is a world-renowned programme, attracting a large number of outstanding talents with different backgrounds in different industries from all over the world. Globalisation, diversity and cross-industry communication could offer me more inspiration when I explore AI.

The HKU MBA is a rich and colorful journey. We have various transdisciplinary courses, which establish a general body of knowledge for me. Its career orientation programme also provides me with many useful suggestions.