Full-time MBA

Remy Hoi

Remy Hoi
Class of 2021

Prior to the MBA program, I worked as a Finance Manager in a real estate investment company based in Macau, whose business involved the whole Greater Bay Area. In that role, I was able to gain experience in the management, valuation, and regulatory compliance of properties in three different cities. During the process of obtaining my professional qualifications, I discovered my interest in finance and decided that I would like to strengthen my industry knowledge. At that point, I became aware of the need for a structured MBA programme to help develop my soft and practical skills in order to become a more well-rounded person.

For me, it was imperative that I should study my MBA at HKU, as it exposes students to multiple economies and schools of thought from around the world, and has a hugely diverse alumni network as a result. My previous role brought me into contact with the Hong Kong market, which increased my awareness of the diversity within the city. Hong Kong is a central financial hub, which thrives due to its position as a merger between western and Asian influences. Therefore, I believe that this dynamic city will be able to provide me with a wealth of opportunities to continue on my career path after graduation from the HKU MBA programme.

Throughout the programme, we were exposed to career events which allowed industry experts to share their experiences, a one-to-one mentorship program that allowed us to hear deep insights into the industries that we were interested in, and the MBA office did their best to provide us with a range of online networking events, even during the severe COVID-19 pandemic. These activities hugely enriched my network and provided valuable inspiration for my career advancement. My top expectation for this MBA journey was that I would step out of my comfort zone, and be able to broaden my mind when coming up with solutions to problems, and I am happy to say that this has been achieved already.

The programme has provided me with an excellent learning environment, and my classmates from different backgrounds have brought distinctly original visions and opinions to every in-class discussion and group project. I am looking forward to my London Business School exchange next year, and hope to shortly become a credit to the flourishing HKU MBA alumni community.