Part Time MBA

Raymond Ha

Raymond Ha
Class of 2015
Hong Kong

After obtaining an undergraduate degree in Canada, I started my career in Hong Kong. The majority of my career life thus far has been spent with a prestigious investment bank as a middle-office professional. I was trained to adapt to an ever-changing business environment and to work with people from very different cultures. A business trip to Tokyo for a migration project strengthened my project management skills and further widened my vision in the financial business world. I am now in a management role with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, working on the operation team for development of an OTC Derivatives Regulatory Regime.

Moving from the private sector to a government agency, I have developed a thorough understanding of the financial industry. My objective in joining an MBA programme is to broaden my knowledge and expand my social network to people in other industries. This objective is being met every day on the HKU MBA programme. I truly believe that the programme will take my career to another level in the near future.

I attended information sessions at several other business schools but found HKU to be the only one focused more on student development than programme brand development. The flexible schedule, with the option of weekday or weekend mode, was also very attractive. Attending classes at the Admiralty Centre campus on weekdays is very convenient for me, affording me a perfect balance between work, study, and time with family and friends. Business cases from other top international business schools also bring me closer to the first-tier business arena. I am looking forward to the improvement and exposure that I will gain throughout the HKU MBA programme.