Part Time MBA

Peter Gillespie

Peter Gillespie
Class of 2018

After working throughout Asia for the last five years, I landed in Hong Kong and immediately took upon the challenge of HKU’s MBA programme – my first day of work in HK and first day of the MBA programme coincided.  HKU’s MBA programme was attractive as it offered an Asian focused curriculum with successful and experienced Asian and Western academics and professionals.  This mix has provided unique academic perspectives and a diverse experience during extra-curricular networking events which has been refreshing, inspirational and rewarding.

After completing a civil engineering and psychology degree, I now have over 12 years’ experience in engineering and construction management on projects ranging through world class sporting stadiums in Australia, mega-casino projects in Macau to remote windfarms in Mongolia.   My current challenge is to win new business for Leighton Asia, a leading international construction firm, as a bid manager.  Prior to this, I worked as a project manager and design manager at Arup, a world leading engineering consultancy.

Completing an MBA has been a career aspiration with the goal of expanding and polishing my management skills and lighting a fire under my entrepreneurial spirit.  Balancing work and the MBA is a challenge that is well worth the reward. HKU’s MBA has been a great experience and the fire is burning bright.