Part Time MBA

Parvani Zheng

Parvani Zheng
Class of 2014
Hong Kong

After graduating from university, I started my career with a top Chinese real estate company, where I have worked for more than seven years. During my seven years with the company, I have performed a variety of roles and undertaken a range of responsibilities. For example, I participated in the establishment of a subsidiary in a Chinese province new to the company, gaining experience of the entire establishment process. I was then promoted to associate financial manager, in charge of raising capital for the company through a variety of financial methods, including property development loans, issuing trust products, urban renewal project loans and equity cooperation.

I am proud of this job, as it is closely related to Chinese macroeconomic policy, and my performance has been important to the development of the company as a whole. I feel a keen sense of accomplishment after finishing each project.

I am currently working in Hong Kong, where I am responsible for offshore loans for the company. I am also studying for an MBA at HKU, which I am thoroughly enjoying. I can already feel the improvement in myself that the programme has afforded.