Part Time MBA

Pakning Luk

Pakning Luk
Class of 2020
Hong Kong

After completing my undergraduate studies, I pursued my career in the e -commerce field. I am currently working at UberEats as a sales leader.

To better prepare myself for more career opportunities ahead, I decided to study for my MBA.  I wish to equip myself with wider knowledge of whole fields of business which I haven’t had a chance to learn at work, such as finance and human resources.

I have definitely learnt some new skills and new perspectives during my study, especially from those very experienced business leaders who are now our professors such as Professor Royce Yuen and Professor Philip Chen.

One of the things I have found most valuable is networking. I can meet people from different industries and in different roles, exchanging opinions and experiences about work. Some of them became my good friends. We play hard after study and we travel together. Therefore, I highly recommend this programme to you!