Part-time MBA

Naoko Takeshita

Naoko Takeshita
Class of 2021

I’m Naoko from the Part-Time programme. I joined this program in 2019. I have been in Hong Kong for 12 years now. I started my career in Hong Kong at Western financial media companies and now work for a Japanese trust bank promoting/selling investment products to foreign financial institutions such as private banks and other professional investors.

1)      What was your reason for pursuing an MBA?

After I began my career in the financial industry, within the financial industry, especially for those who I deal with as clients in business, I realised it is normal for them to have a PhD, MBA, CFA, and other high professional qualifications. It just happens naturally that I also pursued an MBA to boost my qualification in order to survive in this competitive environment

2)      What motivated you to choose HKU MBA?

I’ve been living in Hong Kong for almost 12 years, I already knew the HKU brand’s strength. In my professional life in Hong Kong, I met some alumni from HKU MBA programmes who were successful at what they do. So, to me, HKU is the only MBA programme that I consider and luckily got accepted. I am quite content with the programme as I could acquire practical knowledge to directly apply to my work.

3)     How would you say the programme has equipped you to become a leader in your industry?

The programme touched upon all the subjects required to become senior management which technically prepares you to become a leader.  The biggest takeaway for me is that I understand myself, my strength, and the areas that I need to improve, by attending this MBA programme. This self-awareness helps me understand others and their strength more clearly, which I believe is one of the most important assets as a leader.

4) What 3 pieces of advice could you offer to fellow females wishing to enter leadership positions after their MBA?

1. Don’t afraid to take risks and go beyond the comfort zone. Even seemingly failure can be the catalysts that lead to success.

2. We don’t have to be “perfect” to succeed. Leave the imposter syndrome behind and be super comfortable under your skin.

3. Self-care is everything, treat yourself as a most precious jewel and be your best friend who supports you no matter if you are in the most adverse situation.

People are working hard and competing with each other in this international city. Studying and working in Hong Kong will be a great experience in life. Also, it is not something special to hold an MBA in Hong Kong, and in reality, many people have them already. As such, I think what we want to do after the MBA is more important. An MBA is just one of the steps in our career development but also gives you a lot of opportunities in your life.