Full-time MBA

Meon Tang

Meon Tang
Class of 2021
Hong Kong

Prior to joining the HKU MBA programme, I worked in several international award-winning interior design companies as a designer. Coming from an arts background with an Environment and Interior Design bachelor degree, the biggest skills that I gained from my previous experience in fact was not about design, but the skills of creative thinking. I was convinced that this skill could be applied in business to create some unexpected sparks. Therefore I was determined to pursue an MBA.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I had always wanted to gain a boarder global perspective. The most direct way to gain such insight would be to study abroad. Yet, the emerging market in Asia has great potential, which I am very interested in as well. After conducting some research, I found that the HKU MBA could fulfil all of my above requirements and expectations. Not only do they provide insights from the Asia market, but also opportunities to study in other countries, which could help us gain a wider global vision as well.

Coming from an arts background with very little experience in business, I found the professors to be really considerate and attentive. The class is very diverse, and I learnt much from my classmates with all sorts of backgrounds. I look forward to the remaining journey of the HKU MBA programme and I am certain that this course will grant me a new threshold to see the world differently.