Full-time MBA

Marius Gamser

Marius Gamser
Class of 2017

Hello, I am Marius. Welcome to my profile!

I graduated from the University of Vermont in the USA and began working in Hong Kong six years ago. From the moment I arrived, I was captivated by the passionate free enterprise spirit of the city, one that was bringing out the best of entrepreneurs from all over the world. Working first in insurance and then hotel communications and marketing, I was networking with leading business minds as we launched five local hotel projects in three years. This unique environment, one of unmatched connectivity and hustle, has fueled my desire to further my education and career in Asia.

HKU MBA was my first choice and I am delighted to be here with the class of 2017.  This university offers a unique vantage point on China, Asia and the world. The curriculum is modern, practical and challenging. The professors, advisors and students I have met are smart, diverse and passionate to succeed.   I have already made some great friends here and look forward to our journey ahead.