Part Time MBA

Lawrence Loe

Lawrence Loe
Class of 2016
Hong Kong

As an engineering professional, I found my niche in the business of technology licensing for the oil and gas world. Throughout my career, I have designed systems, managed projects, negotiated contracts, implemented strategies and interacted with different types of customers and stakeholders. I have had exposure to specific aspects of business management within my industry. My motivation to undertake an MBA is to complement my experiences with a management education that is based on sound logic and critical thinking.

I was born in Malaysia but spent my formative years in Singapore where I studied for my bachelor’s and master’s degree in engineering. Subsequently I have worked in Singapore for the first eight years of my career. Since 2010 I relocated to my company’s Asia Pacific headquarter office in Hong Kong, hence the opportunity to associate myself with the iconic institution that is University of Hong Kong (HKU).

Having undertaken a Master’s programme at HKU before, I have enjoyed my experience and witnessed first-hand the resources and vibrancy HKU has to offer. HKU MBA becomes the natural choice for me. I have found it to be intellectually stimulating and immediately relevant to both my work and personal life.