Part-time MBA

Kei Chan

Kei Chan
Class of 2021
Hong Kong

I was born and raised in Malaysia but came to Hong Kong because this city is a true international hub, filled with people from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. This is also the reason why I chose the University of Hong Kong (HKU). The university offered me the opportunity to rub shoulders with smart and extremely driven people from a variety of backgrounds.

I pursued a career in fintech after graduating with a degree in health and social science. I sought out a career in this field as I was fascinated by the amount of innovation required for a company to remain competitive globally. The explosive growth in the digital payments sector, fuelled by new and emerging payment providers makes this an exciting industry to be a part of. A key element of this new sector is the need to be a specialist in relationship management. HKU’s MBA programme helped me to develop and nurture this vital skill through lecture based studies, case analysis, student led discussions and written essays all while exploring the core competencies of  sales management and strategic marketing. The MBA programme also allowed me to be immersed in the real world business environment through company visits and exposure to key industry figures through speaker events with important and influential guests.  I have also been able to grow my knowledge through workshops that emphasised introspection, and individual, team based and career orientated coaching. The programme has given me the privilege of leading large teams at a very young age; something that will prove invaluable in the job market.  I have also been given a valuable and privileged insight into how companies work in the real world, allowing me a competitive edge in today’s fast paced business environment.

I know my choice to pursue MBA in HKU is the right one. The theoretical learning in the classroom is almost always accompanied with a focus on practical and experimental learning. The course has helped me to harness my leadership potential and to grow as a professional in today’s business climate. HKU’s MBA programme has definitely made me a better leader by giving me the environment, support, and skill sets needed to develop.