Full-time MBA

Katherine Chan

Katherine Chan
Class of 2013
Hong Kong

I was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to the US when I was young. I joined the HKU MBA programme hoping to gain more business knowledge to support my career in the software industry.

So far, I have enjoyed the programme, particularly the discussions we have in class and the case study approach to learning. Discussing business problems with the professors and my fellow students has given me considerable insight into a variety of problems. I believe the experience will be useful to my future career.

I also like the diversity of our class. Because the students come from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, I get to see different ways of learning and problem-solving. Despite our differences, we are able to work as a team in group projects and case studies. I have also met some HKU MBA alumni at networking events. Talking to them has given me a great deal of knowledge about the working environments of Hong Kong and Asia.

Current Status

Employer: Capgemini
Position: IT Business Analyst Consultant
Location: Hong Kong