Part Time MBA

Jozef Mansy

Jozef Mansy
Class of 2020

I was raised in Switzerland, a country which offers a traditional and vocational education path. By choosing the vocational education path, I had the opportunity to work and study from the very beginning. My career started in 2006 in one of the country’s tier 1 banks.  Switzerland is not only famous for its chocolate and watch industries but also for traditional financial services.  Following the two year Junior Banking Programme at the bank, my company offered me  full-time employment at the head-office in Zurich city center in the private banking sector. By 2010, I got the opportunity to join the FX & Commodity Sales department of my company’s office in Hong Kong. My 1.5 years international assignment in Hong Kong ended-up with me becoming a full-time employee of the bank’s Hong Kong office in the private banking sector. After 7 successful years within the same firm, I decided on a change of company in 2013 and joined a privately owned Liechtenstein Private Bank in Hong Kong. I have been happily occupying  my role there ever since, however I felt the need to add an MBA programme onto my CV in order to widen my horizon and progress further in my professional career.

In late 2017, I spontaneously joined an information session of the HKU MBA programme in Cyberport, after reading about the event on LinkedIn. Having talked to various alumni, existing students and programme officials, I decided to submit my application right afterwards. The main motivation for joining the programme was to widen my horizon in regard to knowledge and different industries. The various modules provided me with great insights into different aspects of the business world, since my professional role is very much focused on the financial world. The mix of cultures, the different ethical backgrounds of students as well as the long history of  Hong Kong  University convinced me I have picked the right MBA programme for my future professional development.