Full-time MBA

Jeremy Jiang

Jeremy Jiang
Class of 2021

Prior to joining the HKU MBA, I worked with IDG Capital, McKinsey, KPMG and GF Securities. I am certified with AICPA, HKICPA, CPA Australia and FCPAi, and in 2016 achieved the highest ranking score for AICPA in the US. In addition, I founded and now lead an online education company of 11 staffs which has earned over 1 million RMB to date.

I chose the HKU MBA so that I could network and make friends with elite talent from different industries. When I spend time with my MBA classmates, I am both growing my social network and gaining important business insights. Another factor is the location – I love a dynamic and fast-paced environment. Asia is key to the world’s economic growth, and Hong Kong is an important financial center for the continent. Not to mention, it is a proven and reliable springboard for entering Mainland China. I can already speak Cantonese, and am very much enjoying life in Hong Kong.

The HKU MBA programme has a well-designed curriculum which allows students to systematically learn different business concepts and lay down a solid foundation for our future careers. When I studied business as an undergrad in the US, I wasn’t able to deeply understand many of the concepts due to my lack of real-life work experience. The HKU MBA has not only improved my leadership and presentation skills, but has also completely changed how I see the world.

The MBA office regularly invites speakers from very famous companies, and also holds many networking events for its students and alumni. These types of events have hugely enriched my MBA experience.