Full-time MBA

Jansen Uy

Jansen Uy
Class of 2019

Born and raised in the Philippines, I graduated from De La Salle University-Manila with a BSc in Business Management. Having spent most of my four years’ work experience in Samsung Electronics, I immersed myself in account and project management, e-commerce, and events execution. These encounters allowed me to grasp a deeper understanding of the supplier’s side of the industry, which led me to join our family business; a corporate and retail electronics company that provides total B2B and B2C solutions throughout the Philippines.

With a desire to satisfy my intellectual curiosity and wanting to bring about a positive and lasting impact on our company, I have decided to take up an MBA to learn from a diverse group of exceptional people as well as to expand my network. I have a firm belief that an MBA will jump start my career from managing products, projects, and events, to leading people.

Both the city and the programme attract an impressive sense of internationalism. But what really convinced me to pursue an MBA here in HKU is the unique value and experience of Beijing, Hong Kong, and New York within 14 months; a great mix between Western and Eastern cultures with a clear focus on Asian business. It is also an opportunity for me to explore best practices within top corporations and it is a venue for me to be exposed to the international reputation that the University of Hong Kong represents.

I am two terms in and everything is moving very quickly. We have had various corporate visits, company talks, and a succession of networking events, which are coupled with our regular classes. Without doubt, I can say that the experience is quite intensive and exceptionally fulfilling. It is a matter of choosing what it is you want to get from this fast-paced 14 months. I came into the programme with my mind set on building my soft skills, networks, and management capabilities. These developments are progressing smoothly, now, with an added aspiration – entrepreneurship. The Business Lab elective allowed me to think creatively and set my sights on honing my ideas and crafting my own business. With this in mind, I am looking forward to what more this programme has to offer!