Full-time MBA

James Hughes

James Hughes
Class of 2023

I grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and graduated from the University of Ulster with a BSc in Business Studies. I’m a highly competitive, progressive capitalist who believes there is always a combination of decisions that can achieve any goal.

Prior to starting my MBA, I worked for Options Technology (Asia) Ltd., as the Head of Support and Technical Account Manager for the APAC region. And I believe that being accepted into the HKU MBA Programme and completing my career transition will be my biggest career accomplishment to date.

My decision to undertake an MBA at this point in my career was a multi-faceted one. Throughout 2019, I provided funding to a local sports association in financial distress and actively led a successful turnaround within a 12-month period, and throughout 2020/21, I created a portfolio of investments that increased in value by 682%. It was this exposure to investments, strategy, governance, and operations that made me want to gain a specialised education and pursue a professional career in this direction. Studying for an MBA at HKU Business School felt like the best and logical next step to achieve this.

By developing a skill set in strategic finance through the MBA Programme, I aim to pursue a career in Strategy Consulting or Asset Management, with an aim to specialise in Financial Services and Technology.