Part Time MBA

Hisashi Nagato

Hisashi Nagato
Class of 2013

Having gained exposure to several business areas at a trading firm in Japan, I was seconded to the Hong Kong subsidiary of a commodity derivatives trading firm in 2008. Throughout my first three years of work as operations manager with the firm, I keenly felt the need to achieve a breakthrough in further developing my management skills and understanding Asian business in greater depth. As our business was becoming more globalised and diversified, I needed to shift my viewpoint and way of thinking towards an Asian and global perspective. The management principles and values acquired through the HKU MBA programme are useful in both my secondment and career afterwards.

I completed HKU MBA in 2013 during my secondment as regional manager in Hong Kong. When I was back to Japan, I felt I could look at things in a different way and overcome situations or problems in more structured manner. While it is no doubt the academic expertise acquired at HKU MBA has formed such a capacity, my perspective and belief supporting them have come with overall experiences through a lot of discussions and workshops with classmates from diversified background.