Part-time MBA

Gary Lui

Gary Lui
Class of 2022
Hong Kong

What is your background prior to joining the HKU MBA programme?

I began my career in Citibank’s management programme and have stayed with the company ever since. My experience covers business planning and product management within consumer banking as well as commercial frontline sales experience where I cover corporates in Greater China.

Why did you choose an MBA with HKU?

I chose the MBA programme at HKU as it is a reputable institution with a sizable alumni network in the region. The school also has good teaching quality.

What are your expectations of the MBA?

My expectations are to connect with classmates from a broad range of industries and to learn from their varied experiences. I also hope to gain more practical skills and knowledge which will help me to further my career within my company. 

How is your experience so far?

My experience so far is certainly different from what I originally expected given the hybrid model of teaching caused by the pandemic. I had hoped to be able to meet all of my classmates in person but I hope to return to the classroom once the pandemic is over. I do however view this hybrid model of studying as a new learning experience. I appreciate the extra time that our professors spend with our questions as well as the way the courses are structured. They are structured so that the material is applicable to our day jobs.