Full-time MBA

Francesca Lee

Francesca Lee
Class of 2015
Hong Kong

After graduating from Korea University, I joined CJ Group, one of the top conglomerates in Korea which leads the food, bio pharma, entertainment & media, home shopping and logistics industries. I assisted the Vice Chairman across the full spectrum of global business activities and acquired a broad perspective of top managerial issues. As I had a passion to work in China since my university years as an exchange student to Sun Yat-sen University, I was seeking for the chance to be a bridge to Chinese business within the Group. Finally, I was tasked to be part of the team setting up a new headquarters in Shanghai for CGV, the renowned cinema multiplex in Asia.

During my stay in China, I was located in Shanghai and Guangzhou. I successfully contributed to an increase in the number of project sites from 10 to over 100. As my company grew, I found myself growing at the same time. However, when I was handling my JV, expanding my business with strategic partner companies, I strongly felt that I needed to broaden my knowledge in various managerial areas before I moved on to the next level. The reason why I have chosen to study at HKU MBA is because the course offers me opportunities to equip myself by allowing me to learn solid business and financial knowledge and skills. Also, Hong Kong is one of the important global capital markets and gateways for expanding business in Mainland China and other Asian countries.

In future, I am looking forward to being involved in entity deals on a strategic planning function. I believe the skills and knowledge I have learnt from HKU MBA will allow me excellent opportunities to develop my career in Asia.

Current Status

Employer: CJ CGV Hong Kong CGI
Position:   Head of Business Development & Operation Regional Team
Location:  Hong Kong