Part Time MBA

Evon Hui

Evon Hui
Class of 2020
Hong Kong

I completed my Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Biology at the University of Toronto and continued with Master’s studies in Human Biology and Nutritional Science. I have over 16 years of working experience in the pharmaceutical and clinical research industries in various fields including regulatory affairs, clinical research and project and business management.

There has always been a very science and clinical research focus in my studies and career. My role has evolved to become more business focused and I realised the need to gain more business management and finance-related knowledge. I decided to take an MBA with a goal of understanding some fundamental theories and also gain insights into making business decisions.

I have chosen HKU MBA because of the reputation of the HKU. Hong Kong University is ranked consistently the top university in Hong Kong and Asia as a whole and amongst the best in the world (ranked 25th worldwide in the QS World University Rankings 2020). The MBA programme itself is also very well known and widely respected. Other than the reputation, the programme offers flexibility to choose either weekend or weekday modules. Lastly, most of the courses are offered in a convenient location at Admiralty Centre.

I am really glad that I have chosen the HKU MBA programme. I am able to get acquaintanced with many people from various industries. The group is certainly very dynamic and fun. While the studies and homework are quite intensive, I am certainly enjoying every single bit of it!