Part Time MBA

Eric Wan

Eric Wan
Class of 2014
Hong Kong

I am a veteran investment bank technologist, specialising in electronic trading. I worked in the US and Japan before coming back to Hong Kong. Having previously worked for Goldman Sachs, I now work for the prestigious Chinese investment bank China International Capital Corporation.

I chose the HKU MBA because HKU is a renowned university with a 100-year history and a powerful alumni network. Thus far, I am enjoying the programme a lot, as I am making new friends while acquiring new knowledge and sharpening my skills at the same time. What I have learnt will help me to excel in a management role, and the various networking events and seminars are giving me tremendous opportunities to expand my professional network. I am also inspired by the world-class lecturers, executive guest speakers and my talented fellow classmates from diverse industries who have new ideas and knowledge of recent market trends. I believe the HKU MBA experience and alumni network will prove valuable assets for my career growth or for starting a business in future.