Part Time MBA

Edmond Chan

Edmond Chan
Class of 2013
Hong Kong

I am Edmond Chan, Vice President/Regional Financial Controller of AllianceBernstein which provides asset management services worldwide to investors. Based in Hong Kong, I have the oversight responsibility for our finance operation in Asia.

Pursuing an MBA has given me a great opportunity to network with smart, talented people, who work in different industries and have diverse credentials. Today, many of them are not just good friends of mine but also well connected business partners. The thought-provoking and constructive debate with them has indeed been enlightening. “Great minds think alike” may not be a universal truth. Through group assignments, I have acquired enormous insight into how people are all thinking out of  different dimensions.  With its well-balanced curriculum, HKU MBA programme has taken me out of my comfort zone, which is the accounting and finance world, and allowed me to have a 360 degree view of business and people management. Having an MBA tag requires a substantial investment of time, yet it is worthwhile because it is truly beneficial to my career.