Full-time MBA

Dylan Gao

Dylan Gao
Class of 2020

I was born and grew up in Mainland China. After gaining my Bachelor’s degree in Information System and Information Management from Hangzhou Dianzi University, I studied at the University of Surrey in the UK to acquire my Master’s degree in Marketing Management.

With this educational background, I did not choose to go back to Mainland China or continue to live in the UK. Instead, I decided to pursue my career in Hong Kong since it is such a dynamic city in the Asia-Pacific region. I started my career as a Research Executive in TNS, which is a market search agency. I worked very closely with clients from giant FMCG companies from different sectors, including vision care, food & beverage, and tobacco. After working in TNS for almost two years, I joined UBM Asia, which is the largest trade show organiser in Asia. Working as a Senior Customer Insights Executive in UBM Asia, I was mainly responsible for planning and implementing the customer insights strategy across the whole organisation. Apart from that, I also created C-level reports for the senior management team.

What motivates me to pursue an MBA degree is that I would like to raise my career path and my immediate plan is to work for a top-tier consulting firm. In the long term, with experience in strategy consulting, I want to start my own business around information technology. The tremendous learning from the MBA programme can enrich my knowledge in corporate finance, economy, and strategic management and also strengthen my analytical skills and leadership. Moreover, the MBA programme can grant me great networking opportunities to meet talent from different countries and industries to develop my own global vision, which is another key for an excellent strategy consultant and entrepreneur.

Hong Kong is the city embracing diversity and innovation. It has lots of great opportunities and resources that can help me make the dream come true. Therefore, doing the MBA programme of HKU is one of the key moves towards my overall personal goal and career goal.